AJOVER-DARNEL is committed to sustainable development, using and developing technologies that protect the environment. Our internal standards exceed the legal requirements of the countries where our plants are located and we always seek to optimize the use of natural and energy resources for the production of our products.
Thanks to this philosophy we have managed to minimize the carbon footprint of the planet through:

• Develop products with 100% recyclable materials.
• Implement technology that has allowed us to have savings in energy consumption of almost 80% during the last years.
• Conserve the environment of our facilities by sowing thousands of mangroves and trees around our production plants.
• Protect water by developing technologies that allow us to properly manage industrial waste and wastewater through water recirculation and recycling processes in our plants.
• Protect the air thanks to the fact that our foamed products are certified as chlorine-fluorocarbon-free, according to the norms of the Montreal Protocol of the United Nations.
• Manufacture food packaging whose intermediate layer includes recycled post-consumer PET.